Friday, August 30, 2013

November 2012

We remodeled the outside of our house and our front yard landscaping.

Tons of snow on 11/10!

I love her face in this one: "What? This mess? I had nothing to do with it."

Halle next to the huge Christmas tree at City Creek.

Kangaroo Zoo for Britain's birthday.

Hanging out in Aunt Breckon's drawer. 

The poster I made for the Ward Christmas Party entertainment program. I was in charge of planning/coordinating the whole program.

Thanksgiving! It was low-key this year--at our house with just my mom and dad. Mason was on his mission and Katie was in Vermont. It was Breckon's year with the Heywoods and Nate's family stayed in Texas.

October 2012

 Kindergarten class picture day.

 Not sure what Liv is doing here. But she's cute.

 Love those saggy cheeks.

 He passed the bar! Here we are at Abravanel Hall for the swearing-in ceremony.

Smart AND  handsome. :) Officially official. (He spent the summer after graduating from BYU growing a beard.)

 We're all proud of daddy.

 Crazy hair day at school.

 Happy 1st birthday, Olivia!

 Grandma White came to Utah to celebrate with us!

 We did a session at the Brigham City temple.

 We went to the Kaysville corn maze.

I volunteered in Halle's class to teach the Meet the Masters art curriculum. Here's her imitation of Picasso.

And her imitation of Van Gogh.

 Halle's silly selfies.
 Carving pumpkins for FHE.

 Halle's school Halloween party.

September 2012

I've decided that I need to document the last year for posterity. So even though this post won't include any witty, brilliant writing of any sort, it will convey something much, much better--the beauty that is my little family. I'll catch up month by month.

 We took one last excursion to the park on Labor Day. The swings are always the favorite destination.

Halle's first day of kindergarten.  Woods Cross Elementary - Mrs. Marcia Machado (Halle insisted on the quite elaborate poses that follow...I love them. I love her.)

Meeting Mrs. Machado for the first time.

 Halle next to her name on the bulletin board.

 We walked to and from school every day. I miss that already this year.

 Bath time! She looks just like her daddy.

 Making haunted houses for Halloween...a few weeks early.

 More walking to school. We walked with a group of kids in the neighborhood. Eventually, when I became overwhelmed by morning sickness, I just let her walk with them...and I slept.

 Pretty Miss Olivia.

 Messy Miss Olivia.

Olivia started walking! She wasn't even one yet.